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ARISE WOMEN came into being in January 2018 (called Christian Women’s Fellowship then). I was a mom to two young kids (Ages: 3 and 1) at the time, and desperately wanted some fellowship with other christian women. Not only that, but I thought there must be others out there that need some uplifting and encouragement too. We can be that to each other, and grow in God! That is really the basis of it. Just a few young moms started to gather on a montlhy basis and it has gown from there. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in God’s name, there He is with them! I continue to stand on that promise and priveledge and get to see how He works by His Holy Spirit. Whether we are 2 women or 100, God is God and promises to show up and work miracles in our midst! That is where we find our strength and joy, knowing that He is a Father who loves us and cares for our cares and meets us.


Lärchenstrasse 6
5420 Ehrendingen

078 239 1674

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